About Sadid Sazeh Persia

Sadid Sazeh Persia Company is a reputable Iranian company that specializes in the production of transformer parts and fittings Since 1989. the company has been providing its customers with high-quality and safe transformer parts, using advanced and up-to-date equipment and machinery.

The company adheres to all international standards in the design and manufacturing of its products, ensuring that its customers receive products of the highest quality. Research, development, and looking to the future are the core principles of Sadid Sazeh Persia Company.

The company is dedicated to achieving customer satisfaction by continuously improving its products and services. With years of experience and hundreds of satisfied customers, Sadid Sazeh Persia Company has become a trusted supplier of transformer accessories not only in Iran but also in neighboring countries.

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Production Of Transformer equipments and Parts

Production of all kinds of parts and connections and all equipment needed for distribution and power transformers

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