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Buchholz Relay

Buchholz Relay

Buchholz relay is used as one of the protection equipment in transformers. This relay is actually a gas relay, which is known in the industry by the name of Buchholts, its manufacturer. This protective device is used in oil transformers and oil inductors that have an expansion source.

Among the tasks of this product, we can mention the following: a connection between the current conductor parts, a connection between the current conductor parts and the core or tank, a connection between the turns of the coil in the coil, tank leakage with any other type of leakage and air entry into the system.

This product collects the free gas bubbles that are moving from the tank to the expansion source, and is also sensitive to the oil circulation speed between the tank and the expansion source, which gives an alarm if the specified value is exceeded. Since free gas can be one of the first signs of an error, the protection system in this device is built in such a way that it activates the alarm system if a certain amount of gas accumulates.

This product is available in three sizes, DN25, DN50, and DN80, which differ in the oil inlet and outlet sizes.


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