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Ceramic Bushing Insulator

Ceramic Bushing Insulator

Ceramic insulator is one of the parts of bushings. In order to complete its bushing parts, Sedid Sazeh Company of Persia supplies all kinds of high pressure and low pressure ceramic insulators with the best quality and certified materials.

Insulators in oil transformers is an insulating device that connects the inside of the transformer tank to the ground with the outside of the tank, so that there is no connection between the electrified parts and the ground.

In other words, this equipment is used to establish a connection between the active part of the transformer, in oil transformers with the power transmission network.
According to the materials used in their construction, transformer insulators are divided into persilin, silicon and resin types. Also, types of insulators that are made with resin are called plugins. Plugin insulators are used in the high voltage level of distribution transformers up to the voltage level of 36 kV.

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