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Low Voltage Bushing (EN 250)

Low Voltage Bushing (EN 250)

Low Voltage Bushing (EN 250) is produced according to the new European standard and has replaced the 250DT type in some other countries. This product has a weak pressure insulator for 25 to 160 kV transformers. The advantage of this bushing is the reduction of the weight of the used parts compared to the DT type, which reduces the total price. You can see the details of parts and products in the table section.

All parts used in Sadid Sazeh Persia products, including this low pressure bushing, are produced according to international standards. This product has passed all relevant tests and tests under the supervision of technical experts.

The raw material of these metal parts consists of brass alloy. These raw materials are prepared from the most reliable domestic companies and have a checklist.

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