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NBR Rubber Linings

NBR Rubber Linings

These NBR Rubber Linings are used for high-voltage electrical equipment such as power transformers, which do not have the problems of traditional examples, which have the following characteristics:

  1. Prepared from a unique formula that guarantees the elastic effect of rubber
  2. It is effective to solve the problem of oil leakage
  3. It has good anti-oil performance and prevents transformer oil pollution
  4. It has high-quality raw materials and good design, which ensures an effective seal

The appropriate washer should be selected based on the bushing size, which is guided by the following:

  • 250 washers: for use in 250 A bushings (25 to 160 KVA transformers)
  • 630 washers: for use in 630 A bushings (200 to 400 KVA transformers)
  • 1000 washers: for use in 1000 A bushings (500 to 630 KVA transformers)
  • 2000 washers: for use in 2000 A bushings (transformers from 800 to 12500 KVA)
  • 3150 washers: for use in 3150 A bushings (1600 to 2000 KVA transformers)
  • A22 drain valve flat washer: for use in A22 valve
  • A31 drain valve flat washer: for use in A31 valve
  • Flat washer oil-resistant grade: for use in Magnatic Oil Level indicator
  • Small and large tap changer washers: for use in Tap Changers
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