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Oil Drain Device

Oil Drain Device

The oil drain Device is produced according to DIN 42551 standard. This valve is installed on the wall of the transformer and is installed to drain the oil in the transformer. These valves are sold in different sizes A22, A31 and A40, which can be seen in the table at the bottom of the site. Note that A22 oil drain valve is for use in 50-630 kVA transformers, A31 oil drain valve is for use in 800-1600 KVA transformers, and A40 valves are for power transformers.

This product generally has 4 general parts. These sections are:

  1. brass nut
  2. Bushen that is welded to the transformer tank
  3. Protective shell
  4. Sealing gasket made of Klingrite
Grouping :

Additional information

Weight N/A

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications Dimensions Oil drain valves
DIN42551 A22 Drain valve A22
DIN42551 A31 Drain valve A31
DIN42551 A40 Drain valve A40



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